Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tree-Hugger Tendencies

My best friend sent me a link to this website with some awesome recipes for homemade beauty products -body scrubs etc. Very good stuff. She's a pretty awesome best friend. The scrubs were lovely so I scrolled down a little farther and found a suggested recipe for a morning drink that was

1 cup of warm water
2 tbs of lemon juice
3 tbs of apple cider vinegar

Didn't seem so bad - said it was a gentle daily cleanse and metabolism lift. Pretty good deal for morning pick me up and I'm sure I've tasted stranger things. But let me tell ya - I tried it this morning and I feel good, but it was not a pleasurable experience. Frankly, it was hard not to gag on the stuff. I'll try it for a week and see if its worth it or if I acclimate to it. But honestly, I'm dreading tomorrow morning. Wheat grass was not nearly as difficult the first time around as this was.

I know there are people out there that are ridiculously healthy that take something like this everyday - but how do you suspend your pallet to get there? Thats the real secret I think.

http://www.robinmcgraw.com/recipes.html if you're wondering. I recommend the rose salt.


Rachel said...

Am I the only one who is freaked out by Robin McGraw's face? There's something very unnerving about it. Like her jaw is too big or her teeth are too perfect or her eyes are too squinty. And those shiny, shiny lips!

Liz Wolfe said...

Yes, I agree Rachel. She's definitely alarming. Maybe she's trying to hard to look healthy and refreshed?

Amanda said...

Okay, before I comment, I have to preface with, I don't usually jump in about healthy drink concoctions. Except now! I am laughing at myself while I write this, but Liz, try a little honey in there. The drink is great for getting rid of any throat congestion. Bronwyn's mom gave it to me once and worked like a charm. The honey takes the nastiness off it and it should end up tasting very similar to apple cidar.

Tracy said...

I look at her and think I should be searching for an adam's apple... (sorry, that's not nice). Did you also note that she's Dr. Phil's wife? Hadn't noticed that before.
Yeah, honey is what was missing from that recipe - though, I find a tablespoon of just apple cider vinegar does the trick too and is actually easier to take - but it has to be the good stuff, unfiltered brown, ugly looking. :)

i'm courtney said...

LIZ! I made it to your blog--I feel like we're reconnecting. Prepare to be blog-stalked (and if you like, you can find me at http://yourbird.blogspot.com)

I actually love the lemon and hot water morning drink (sans vinegar, though). You might try it with a little less lemon, or use some agave (a natural sweetener that's a little less sugary and sticky than honey). I was drinking it as part of this cleanse diet--if you really want a treat, go out and get some of that hard core 100% unfiltered cranberry juice (not from concentrate) at Trader Joe's. It looks like a bottle of blood, but you dilute it with 7 parts water to 1 part cranberry juice. It's my only holdover from the diet and I'm pretty sure it will keep me from getting cancer.

Love you!

Mz. Liz said...

I think shes poorly lit. There was probably a singular white AP light directly above her head or unbridled natural light which you never wear white in when you're being photographed.

Second, I think its her eyes. They're too close together and too squinty for the rest of her facial structure. What makes things beautiful is not necessarily shape but balance. Symmetry is var var important. Just ask Max Factor. He had a bunch to say on the subject. He even dedicated a room in is studio for measuring the symmerty of a face before he ever started applying make up.

So yeah - squinty close together eyes and bad light = creepy man pic. You've been warned.