Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wednesday Giggles

But on a Thursday sorry - things kind of got away from me yesterday. Anywho-

These guys are called "Flight of the Concords". They're a New Zealand comedy music duo who are worth their weight in gold and have their own sitcom that is worth its weight in platinum.

As you can see-
This is Bret's Angry Dance


Rachel said...

You should rename this one Wednesday Snort Out Loud Laughing. I LOVE these guys.

Liz said...

I LOVE this show. Love, love, love it. I got it on Netflicks and still haven't been able to stop laughing.

It's just me... said...

Obviously I am out of the loop - or at least was out of the loop until your post! This was hilarious! And yes, I too snorted out loud. Thank goodness I am by myself and the boys are asleep. The repeat everything I say and do so not doubt at some Christmas party Will would have done a rendition of Mom's Funny Nose Sounds!