Monday, May 12, 2008

Dividing the Waters

So I have noticed that this dear and adorable place I call my blog is tending to be the place where I "journal" so to speak, where I write about my every days and stuff. Its about little else and thats a good thing when there are people that want to keep up with you everydays. But I find that I have a number of thoughts on things that I think might fit better somewhere else so I've branched off.

My friend invited me to phantom write for a community blog she and a few coworkers had the brilliant idea for and I think thats going to be very very fun.

So theres just a little FYI in case you're looking for another feed for your Google Reader.
Happy Monday

1 comment:

Liz W. said...

Is one blog ever enough, really? I say "NO!".

Now I have more places to read your thoughts! Yay!