Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In Other News

I have a few more update type tidbits that I would like to share in a disjointed and unrelated manner:

- I'm currently obsessed with Eddie Money's "Take me Home Tonight"

- I went to a midnight party for Breaking Dawn and read the thing and was barely not under whelmed. On my Awesome Scale* it got a "thumbs up" and barely that. The highlight of the night was my friend winning a Twilight poster much to the verbal disappointment of a sea of teen girls and seeing him give it to a deserving awkward and grateful one.

- I'm still enamored with Greg Laswell's new album and Patrick and I are seeing him at The Hotel Cafe again this Friday. We're also seeing Mandy Moore on Saturday (don't laugh! her new album is actually non-cotton candyified and very good. She dated Greg for a stint too and he rubbed off. Thankfully.) and Rogue Wave next week if you're in town and game.

- Temple dating during the early stages is a bad idea. It gets you too close too fast and you end up saying things that you didn't intend or want to say and you both end up running a bit scared. Wait for a stint -

- I remain addicted to the Olympics but them Chinese are a bunch of cheating knaves. Nastia was robbed and gymnastics judging and scoring is BOLOGNA!! That Chinese girl,whatserbucket??... He - she is NOT 16! I'd put that on .... something valuable and meaningful.... my membership to the Huntington Library! Yeah!

- The Huntington remains to be one of my favorite places ever and I'm proud of myself for sharing it with people. I used to be a bit selfish in this respect but I've decided anyone who is willing should go and I will take them.

- Michael Phelps is - erm - how do you put it? Ah ---- HOT! Who else can go from absolute dork, to sheepish bashful, to fearfully fierce to flaming hot all within about 3 seconds? Mr Phelps, thats who. Love you Mikey! Thanks for being 'Merican!

- I'm still disgusted Pres Bush took the liberty of a bootie pat or two with the women's beach volleyball team. Head shaking disgusted.

- My car is making funny noises

- I, and a few others, moved NaToya down to San Diego on Saturday, sweated profusely for 7 hours straight (Seriously. 7 hours. Two gallons of water consumed. Didn't pee once.), put a table and bed together, and didn't break a single nail. Who is an awesome domestic and beauty goddess? Moi!

- My September Vogue got here last week and I am one happy kitten. I've been pouring over it and finding a lot for the "It Would be Nice" file

- I had a massive girl attack yesterday and fell in love with a ring. I think my unswerving 21 year devotion to my Tiffany ring might be compromised a little bit. I just glossed past the ad in my Vogue five days ago and yesterday the image came careening from the back of my subconscious and hit me square on the interior of my frontal lobe. I went home at lunch, found the ad, tore it out and it's currently in the file and out of drool range. I'll just say its a Caressa piece and looks Elvin. Buy the magazine to see. It's worth it.

- I'm liking Michael Kors and Gap of all things best this season. They have some new designers on the job and you can tell

- I went to the optometrist and my contact prescription for both my eyes have worsened by one whole point in the last year. If I don't get a non-computer job soon I will end up, not only childless but blind and bitter as well.

- I'm going wakebording for the first time in my life over Labor Day weekend with my brother in Utah. I'm excited. The only anticipatory images I have of the trip is me being dragged and skipping on my stomach behind a speeding boat and hanging on for dear life, burbling and trying to keep water out of my lungs as I go. It sounds sort of fun and I can't wait to see my brother. It's been 7 months. WAAAAY too long.

- I've transfered my records back to the single's ward. I was being teasingly accused by certain someones that I had given up on the YSA program by going to the family ward and after some thought I realized that certain someone was right. I've shied away from Institute and Firesides at a regular pace. I don't connect with too many YSA types and I'm constantly afraid of burning out the ones that I do. AND, on top of that, my interests go outside of movie nights, Denny's trips and volleyball and most YSAs don't. That's a grossly unfair generalization and I've realized that. I can't deny how much more fed and strengthened I feel after church in this singles ward as opposed to the family ward I'm in. So yeah - I'm going to make my last year go out with a bang.

- I've also decided to change my hair. Drastically. I've been debating this particular change since I was about 12 years old and I think I finally have enough gumption to do it. My beautician cousin will be doing the honors over my Labor Day Salt Lake City trip so many surprises will be found when I get home and I'm excited. Pictures to follow.

*pinkie swear promise*

* Liz's Awesome Scale
5 - Exploding High 5
4 - High Five
3 - Thumbs Up
2 - Thumbs Down
1 - Raspberry, very spit filled raspberry


Quixotic Healer said...

Yay for posties. I came and got two of them :)

Liz W. said...

Wow, so many things I want to ask you about this post!

Too many to type...

I'm glad you're blogging again. I missed hearing about your day to day.