Thursday, October 9, 2008


Recently (as in the day before yesterday) an aspiring medical professional friend of mine pronounced me a drug user.

Apparently "it's the only way (he) can explain why an intelligent motivated woman would still like the Dodgers".

He is his own brand of bonkers that I won't get into right now but it does include a few Angels jerseys and a dislike of the Lakers... *harumph*

Its about ROOTS man!

Its about where you come from!!

Its about history!

Its about hot dogs larger than life and that essential childhood knowledge that there was a perfect lawn in a perfect shade of green somewhere for a very specific purpose.

Its about singing with my dad at the stadium with our matching Dodger blue caps.

Its about watching my Great-Grandmother sit in front of her tubed, knobbed TV with her Brooklyn Dodgers jersey (that's right. Our family devotion goes back to the beginning) on yelling at Tommy to take a lap or two when he got heated.

Its about being inspired to be excellent the Hershiser way.

No drugs necessary for this high - none whatsoever.

Play on Manny. Play on.


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Boo to broken links!

LET'S GO DODGERS! I'm not on drugs either, just a loyal fan... not one of those mamsy-pamsy fairweather fans who floats from one successful team to another. I've been waiting for us to play a couple games in October for a long time!