Monday, April 20, 2009

OK - Pics and Videos

So pics first.

It was a gorgeous weekend. This is the check in tent. Bag check, ticket scan all that jazz. Typically these fields are lined up with people but luckily when we got there on Sat it was wide open. I forgot my camera in the car in my haste Friday night sadly so all I have is Sat and Sun. You'll get a good idea though.

Then right when you come in there is this huge dome with a mountain of amps and a DJ bumping some trance. It's like a portal to another world. There is a water refill station and merch and all that boring stuff in this proverbial foyer but then you go through another narrow gate and you see this.

We started dancing the second we walked in and didn't stop till we left essentially.

So besides all the stages they had all these amazing interactive modern art exhibits all over the site. I spent all weekend musing at them as much as the music. OK - well not quite so much.

And at night they all changed and took on a whole new life.

and they fired up the Tesla coil. :D

The tents at the back of the site were awesome. The techno lounge was always a buzz.

One act even brought out an alien to pepper the fiesta.

Twilight was the highlight of the day though

I have a ton more and videos galore. I took more video than pics I think. Upload is a long process and I don't have a lot of time anymore so we'll see what I get up. Maybe I'll make it a weekly thing. Coachella Pining Tuesdays or something.

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