Monday, May 4, 2009

Wednesday Giggles

I know I haven't posted in while but I've been lost to the land of New Job and Laker Playoffs.

However, I have stopped for long enough to come across this and hence have discovered new levels of weird the 60's managed to produce, new levels of Nerd-dom and new appreciation for the random that is the omnipotent YouTube


Liz W. said...

First of all, this sort of freaked me out!

Second, I found the video more entertaining than the book.

Third, but, if I find out that this song was a number 1 hit in it's day, it will shake my reality.

Fourth, I sort of have a crush on Leonard Nimoy.

Rachel said...

Some day they will create technology that will allow you to hug a Youtube clip. This one will be top of my list.

And I agree with Liz, way more entertaining than the book.