Thursday, September 30, 2010

Too Good Not to Pass Along

So for the record, I'm doing all right - I'm still drafting Part II of "Invincible". I know you're waiting with baited breath....

But in the meantime, a well informed friend of mine with remarkable procurement skills found this article and passed it along.

(PG-13 warning: there are a few swears but they are not flagrant and/or directly pointed at anyone)

I felt like I had just heard a General Conference talk when I finished reading. This puts words, paragraphs and names to a bunch of things that I've been feeling angsty about and affected by.

Please read this and remember you're human, that's thats beautiful, and VERY NECESSARY.

By the way - I love you guys. I don't say that enough.



Kim said...

That's another Old World inconvenience, like having to wash your clothes in a creek or wait for a raccoon to wander by the outhouse so you can wipe your ass with it.

I almost, quite literally, did a spit-take. I had to cover my mouth and shut my lips tight.

And yes yes yes, I so relate to the article.

Lizzle said...

My Dear Ms Liz,

Thank you so much for posting this; I feel that most all the points ring true. We are people, and we need other people and physical work and real pain which affects us.

Thanks for the reminder; indeed, it is like a conference talk, and not unlike the one Elder Christofferson gave us earlier today.

Now that that has been said, I think it is high time for all of us to take some time off the computer and go take a hike. Or bake cookies. Or anything, really.