Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Game ON!

I've realized something about myself recently.

See, some friends and I have gotten into the habit of playing this certain board game well into the night. Like stupid unthinkable hours of 2 and 3am. I am luxuriously unemployed so I'm not accountable to much except my sleep cycle but my friends are med students and actual contributing members of society so they have a bit more at stake than I do.

Anyway - the first time this happened and one of my friends recounted the previous evening to my brother he didn't believe it. "My Sister? My sister who loathes board games? My - my? Sister?". Apparently it took about 20 minutes to convince him of the veracity thereof because on the whole, I don't care for board games the way some of my constituents do. I've found tons of excuses not to like them. "I like movies better", "I'm not smart enough", "too many pieces", "that's a boy game", "my brother played that game and we didn't get along too well", "It's not fun for me" (and I stand by this one. There are some games that I find more tedium than fun.), "I'm not patient enough for this game" - etc....

But when I thought about this I realized that I DO like board games. I like them a lot as a matter of fact. I just have little patience for them or limit my interaction with them because (and this is the recent realization) is what I DON'T like is how competitive I am. I find myself getting overly competitive, upset, and generally being a nasty unhappy person when there is a point structure in play. For this reason I avoid games because I don't like that part of my personality. I think that's a major reason that I stopped playing water polo. I flat out didn't like who I was when I played. She was an angry Liz.

However, this new game doesn't bring out that side of me. I don't know if I've matured (which is a possibility) or I genuinely like the group of people with whom I'm playing it but, yeah - Game on!

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