Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blue Steel

So its Fashion Week in NY and its all the Spring 2008 collections.

Now - for those who know me, I am no fashionista. I principally wear the same 4 colors and variations of the same 5 outfits in a mix of those 4 colors. If I were more of a suitable canvas for fashion I might be more proactive, but taste and common sense are far more important to me than trend, and I honestly don't want to frighten anyone. Kate Hudson can pull off feathers-
I cannot. I know this and I don't tempt the fates by trying. In fact, I think all three would thank me for not. I consider it an act of charity to those around me as well (even though I think I look well in gray).

However, as an art lover and Audrey Hepburn fan
[Audrey Moment *cherubic "aaaaahhhhhssss" ensue*]

I continually find myself drawn to fashion. Its something that can be every lady's art ya know? Expression and self expression are rarely tied up in a neater bow than in the relationship between a runway and an appreciative set of eyes.

As a connoisseur of folly I also find spiced and roasted red meat servings everyday in the Fashion world from my modest, outer window view from the apartment across the street of the Fashion World's meticulously decorated and scented Great and Spacious Mansion.

From what I've gleaned from my Fashion blog feed and the Fug girls and a few slide show inquires via the fantastic Fashion section of the NY times of the designers that I've liked in the past, this Spring is looking like a Camelot Silly time for the silhouette and color spectrum. Even Marc Jacobs (who I adore and would live at his store if I could) was just plain bizarre to me. Maybe I don't know enough about clothes to appreciate things properly, but I do know beautiful and I couldn't see much of that in the clothes at all. It didn't help that 98% of the slide show I was distracted by psychotically back combed and ornamented hair on the models.
Those aren't ribbons and barrettes.Nope. Nope. Nope.I mean... did he know that this wasn't his best effort (because hes epic when it is) so he wanted to distract people from the outfit with odes to Dr. Seuss and things which can understandably be described as "dingle-hoppers" all over the place? I don't know. It just gave me too much of a giggle to not share.

On a happy note though - Rag & Bone had some stuff that I thought was just precious.I would want to wear this with a very Euro pair of dark denim jeans and pointy boots.This just says Sunday drive up the coast with the top down and some Edith Piaf in the changer. I really REALLY liked the slacks but knee length shorts that were really popular this summer (like Rachael Taylor wore in Transformers? with the black heals? Gorgeous.). I think those would go fabulously with this and *bang* garment worthy fashion. Its very very possible.A Regency suit is a joy forever. Its like Jane and Liz Claiborne had a child and it was Rag & Bone Ready to wear Spring 2008.

I wish I was in NY, but not really because its like -30 there right now. All this goodness in one place is almost too much for a girl though. Almost.

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It's just me... said...

I admire you for wading through Fashion Week. The clothes are so over-the-top and not realistic (for the most part) that I cannot even read through the reviews!

I just wait for the good things to get passed down to TJMaxx :)