Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So random questions and text and messages from the brother or cousin types aren't a rarity at all.

"What Looney Toons episode was Bugs Bunny a chick? And was it Wayne or Garth that thought he was hot?"

"jumping trashcans should be an Olympic sport"

"Who would win in a fist fight, Nietzsche or Wittgenstein?"

(My money is totally on Nietzsche btw)

So when I got a "Whats your address?" from Patrick it seemed far too much of a normal question. He was either going to drop by that night or I was going to get a puppy in the mail or something.

"Why....." I replied. He laughed at me and then told me he had just finished his CD and wanted to send me a copy.

his CD?.... Erm - I wasn't aware that Pat had a recording contract and if he did I'd be amazed because though the man can move mountains and is worthy of almost every praise possible, he can't carry a tune in a bucket. Perhaps he was exploring beat poetry so I asked -


Apparently he and a few other music connoisseur friend types were engaged in a bit of a competition. It started as a music exchange but then Patrick wanted to "make it interesting" so he made up a theme and they were supposed to make a CD according to that theme. They all send them to each other (the other two are out of state). Patrick had a whole point structure outlined and they all rated each other's stuff and Patrick crowned a winner. I'm not sure what the prize was, bragging rights I suppose, but I thought

What a delightfully constructive creative thing.

And though I laughed at the competitive aspect of it all, I found it fascinating. Mixes with a story, an arc. How delicious. So even though I wasn't part of the contest I still found myself constructing a story in my head with my days worth of iTunes.

The theme Patrick nominated was a "Love to Meltdown" breakup-type mix and heaven knows a silly girl like me has plenty of love songs and break up songs. Its all of my favorite artist's specialty as a matter of fact.

I thought about it for a week or two and got to work, just for fun, and agonized over where a certain song fit in the story arc or what song best tells that part of the story. It was loads of fun. No wonder Patrick was so lit about it.

I decided to do some field research and some of my readers (read: friends) may have gotten a random text asking for their favorite love song and break up song. It was for this. Silly, I know. But like I said before, we Long/Dees types specialize in Charming Random. It's how we roll. :D And I want you to know that I listened to every song that was suggested to me as creative input even if it didn't fit on the arc I'd thought up.

So for those who contributed I figured I owed you a playlist. I found all but one song on iMeem and it's #1 in the line up. So if you're feeling saucy and want the whole experience there it is. I think its one of the strongest songs in the first half of the (meaning my) CD. I was really bummed it wasn't there. Don't people know this is one of the best songs on that album? Gosh!

So if you were wondering:

I'm also incredibly curious to see if I actually told a story. Like, can you see a relationship in between the treble clefs and why they broke up and why it wasn't just a break up but a meltdown?


Heather said...

I've been thinking about making a CD like this too! (I just never do because I do not have the CDmix making tallent.) And I'm totally in love with the compiltion idea--so fun! Too bad I cant listen to anything at work, and that's pretty much the only place I get on the computer. :) day i'll listen to your playlist!

Heather said...

OK, so I just left a good message, but then it decided it hated me and sorry, but I cant be cleaver again--there's only s much in me each day, and it's all used up now...but I love the mix competition idea sounds like fun, and I would love to get a copy of the CD's everyone made--I obviouisly wouldnt be making any, because my little sister got my share of the CD-mix-making-talent.