Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Awesome

So this came up on one of my podcasts this week and I was kind of torn as to how to react because the interview was just down right hilarious. Like talking to someone that was a cross between a 5 year old dressed as a cowboy, a car salesman and a Barker from a carnival.

"Whats faster than what you do?"
"The speed of light"

But when he could back up what he was saying I was slightly impressed. Decide for yourselves.


Shelly! said...

You know, being from California I just don't think we are raised to understand (let alone celebrate) the arts of the cowboy.

Then again, 18 world records for gun slinging? Seems a little over-the-top. Point, shoot. That's all you need folks.

And I'd say he sounded like a cross between an eight-year-old stuck in the cowboy phase who always moonlights as a auctioneer.

Rachel said...

I think I'm in love.