Monday, January 28, 2008


Miracle [mir-uh-kuhl]
noun -
When 3 guys, a cousin, and two adorable girlfriends show up at your packed and divided apartment at 9 am on a Saturday, get a moving van loaded, half unloaded to pack a storage unit, the rest unloaded at your destinaton including two refridgerateors moved and be sitting down at lunch with no one feeling particularly exhausted 4 hours later.

Lame [leyme]
adjective, noun, verb -
When you drive 45 minutes in the rain (after moving that morning) to a very cool joint in Glendale to see your friend's band that you haven't seen in like a year and find out that their car broke down and they didn't even make the gig.

Perk [purk]
verb -
The other bands at said joint (ie The Scene) were very good and it was a good, chill, clean music hub.

Cute [kyoot]
adjective, (cut·er, cut·est) adverb, noun -
When a guy you've passed a few times in church and had some pleasant banter with who is well dressed and very well mannered randomly calls you to see if you're going to FHE (which you aren't in the habit of doing), you politely says no but he says "see you there" anyhow.

After you don't show up he randomly calls again, this time on Friday night asking to hang out or catch movie, so slightly impressed you say yes and you end up in a crowded movie theater seeing Juno from the second row. You can't stop laughing at the situation because the two ladies sitting next to you cannot stop talking (very loudly) about the movie and are wondering (very loudly) about the plot that is very obvious that they were (very loudly) completely not getting and you can't help but notice how every time someone comes on screen their nostrils are the size of basketballs. However, at one point one of your favorite Sonic Youth songs (the Carpenters cover one) comes on and you both turn to each other and say (very quietly) "oah - this is one of my favorite songs".

On Sunday at church he comes up to you and says "I have a present for you" and pulls out a copy of the Juno Soundtrack (that you had plans to buy later on in the week anyway).

And you haven't listened to much else since.


Rachel said...

Spill it. Who is he?

Ms. Liz said...

just a fella - for now...

It's just me... said...

Loved this post! It will be interesting to see if 'cute' makes his another appearance.

Nicole Bullock said...

I wish I could have helped you move...I really appreciated your help last month. I'm happy you had a fun cute-boy date experience. The Juno soundtrack is fabulous, isn't it?

i'm courtney said...

holy h! how long ago was this cute-ness?! i must have an update.