Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brain Candy

I've always wondered at the naming streets process, and if they have a version of the Dundies for raised eyebrows. Because if they did I think San Diego County is in the lead for this year.

I ran across this and this at work and did a double take. I mean, I'm grateful for things that remind me that I'm not just looking at data and have a bit of character but I wonder what they were attempting to achieve with stuff like this. Like who was involved in this? Peter Jackson's little bro? And who would live there? Do unbalanced LOTR fans gravitate to places like that? Artisans maybe? Not to mentioned that they're displaying that they're engineers and not readers (or care about spelling).

And this. ??.......!
Do city planners keep a stock of wine about when they're approving plans?

And this one just sent me rolling.
Just because.
Can you imagine giving someone directions to your house if you lived there?
What if it was at night?
And they were from Ireland?
And jet lagged?
And thought you were being cheeky?

I suppose there is some merit to it. There is a section of Catalina named Avalon. I've entertained the idea of a summer home there.

"Oh - sorry. I can't talk right now - I'm off to catch the mists in Avalon. Ta-ta!"

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i'm courtney said...

i was just talking to co-workers yesterday about how streets get named. it was frustrating when all the new mcmansion developments in claremont got street names that had nothing to do with the local topography and equally thumbed their noses at claremont's tradition of naming streets after universities (yup--probably 80% of claremont streets are named after schools, but that escaped the attention of this lifelong citizen until she was 18 years old!). instead they went with names seeming to honor the native people of other lands..."Hiwassee", "Mohawk", "Fergus Falls". i'm surprised they didn't slip in a "glitter gulch". ugh. like it doesn't suck enough that they eat up our hillside with ugly.