Thursday, March 13, 2008

My 100

Well since the two women in the world that I love most and try to emulate* have done a List of 100 Uninteresting Things about themselves to commemorate their 100th post** and invited all to do the same, and since it's something I wanted to do, I think I will.

100 Most Uninteresting Things About Ms. Liz (Part I)

1) I typically find uninteresting things interesting so this might be more of an adventure that I originally thought
2) Picture Picture was my favorite part of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
3) I remember the crayon one the best
4) my ears have always been a bit too small for earbud headphones so they almost always fall out
5) my new bluetooth falls out all the time too
6) and I'm afraid one of these times it will be into the toilet or a milkshake
7) today was the second time I've ever come home from a dentist's appointment without a single cavity
8) I'm addicted to Hempz lotion
9) My best friend says it smells like Trident gum
10) I think it just smells like yummy lotion
11) at choir rehearsal two nights ago a perfect stranger leaned into me, and inhaled deeply and then said "you smell good"
12) I was grateful it was an eccentric soprano and not the retired bass to her left
13) I pulled out my purse spray and and gave her some on her wrist so it wouldn't happen again
14) beware the effect DKNY perfume has on people
15) I've always wanted to have that outfit that Leslie Caron has on when shes working in the Perfume Shop in An American in Paris
16) shes the reason I started wearing scarves
17) Funny Face is my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie
18) I love the city of Paris and the stories it has but have little desire to ever actually visit
19) mostly because I heard that everything reeks of cigarette smoke and it takes months to get out of your system. My friend even steam cleaned her luggage and it didn't do the trick.
20) I'm sure once I got there I'd never want to leave though so I'm prepared to be wrong
21) I think that people who don't like the word "moist" are funny
22) I'm not very fond of the word "cuticle"
23) I am borderline compulsive about keeping mine up though
24) I am borderline compulsive about the whole nail care spectrum of things
25) this is because I think I have very ugly hands so its the least I can do to keep them manicured
26) my mom calls them starfish hands
27) I can text 50 wpm without looking
28) I can type 80 wpm
29) When I found out Pam (and Jenna Fischer) from The Office can type 90 wmp I made a goal to improve
30) second to ice cream and marzipan I think taquitos and guacamole are the best things on earth
31) especially from Alvera Street
32) I have erased 7 different things for this slot and thinking I have 70 more to go
33) I bite my lip when I'm thinking
34) I tilt my head to the left when I'm confused
35) I realized this the first time I had a steak at a hoity-toity steak house
36) after the salad and before the steak they brought out a scoop of sorbet
37) I looked at it like it was an alien
38) with my head tilted apparently
39) I didn't understand what "pallet cleanse" was
40) my friend still laughs about it to this day
41) penguins are my favorite animals
42) used to buy the blue one that was part of the Hello Kitty family all the time
43) I still eBay it once in a while to see if anything still exists
44 ) I also loved Hello Kitty erasers
45) and the mechanized pencil cases
45) I had a pink one that was my pride and joy of the 5th grade
46) Hello Kitty is one of those things that's adorable on children and silly on adults
47) this breaks my heart
48) when I was in grade school I organized my books in my desk according to size and in the corner so they all lined up
49) I still arrange things in descending size order
50) and color coded typically
51) I typically have lotion, lip balm and tissue within arms distance at all times
52) I've had a pink pocket knife since I was 8.
53) I don't think I could abide a pocket knife any other color
54) but I'm not a pink enthusiast
55) Pink and I only reconciled a few years ago
56) we had a falling out around the same time adolescence set in
57) my favorite roses at the Huntington are pink but bloom ivory
58) They're called "French Lace"
59) I've never seen bona fide French lace
60) my old young women's advisor used to crochet lace during meetings and I thought she was insane
61) She also made her own peanut butter and kept chickens but lived in Urban Pasadena
62) I have never been to Sea World
63) I want to swim with sharks
64) I keep a list of things I want to do before I die
65) I made it after I saw "A Walk to Remember"
66) and I'm not ashamed of that
67) "Being on Oprah" and "seeing an aurora borealis" are two of the 215 things on there
68) so is "waving from a float" and "saving a life"
69) my first car was an 1969 Ford Falcon
70) I bought it for $500
71) I called him "Frank"
72) My parents called him "the Death Trap" when I wasn't around
73) 9's and 6's are numbers that follow me around
74) I graduated class of 1996
75) there are 9 letters in my name
76) my mom went into labor with me on Aug 6th
77) I was born on the 9th
78) she still marks my birthday on calenders on the 6th
79) I've gotten used to it and simply draw arrows now
80) this list feels more like a stream of consciousness exercise
81) the first book I read in stream of consciousness was "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man"
82) I was a senior in high school
83) my head was tilted to the left so often my neck constantly hurt
84) I'm dyslexic
85) I had to get special tutoring to keep up in middle school
86) I only took AP English because of a bet Senior year
87 ) I got a 5 and still don't believe it
88 ) I remember every teacher's name I had in high school
89) I got my ears pierced when I was two
90) it was because my brother cut all my hair off and my mom thought I looked like a boy
91) I still remember what the girl was wearing that pierced them
92) one my front teeth is fake
93) I've owned and worn Docs since I was 12 years old
94) I swing my arms really high when and walk with stiff legs when I'm walking in hallways by myself
95) my pinky toes are deformed
96) they look like flappy ears attached to my feet
97) it was because of too tight ballet shoes when I was a kid
98) I still have dreams I'm dancing ballet and can feel my feet on the floor in my shoes
99) I've been 5' 9" since the 6th grade
100) I only reconcilled that fact and the concept of hight heals (and let myself wear them) about 2 years ago

So there you go. I hope you're still awake. I have a plethora of rather uninteresting things to talk about apparently. This was kind of fun. I think I might do another 100 for my 200th post - just to have a bit of tradition going on. Yay for blogging and yay for Rachel and Liz W.

*that are in my age bracket and not part of history (yet). Don't wanna shove mom or Margaret Thatcher aside...
**This is actually my 110th post and I toyed with the idea of doing one like the immortal Rachel but I didn't want to appear "mee toooo!"ish but she said it was all right so... :D Happy Day.


Rachel said...

What a joy! Thanks for the list. Happy 110th. And you know that if I see you wearing your bluetooth I'm going to have to make fun of you. I'm just giving you fair warning because I love you.

Andrea said...

After reading your list, Liz's, and Rachel's, I'm anxious to make my own. That won't be for a long time though, since I have only posted 30 times. Congratulations on #100!

Heather said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love the 100th blog list! We get to learn so many great and random things. (Although I'm a little afraid of making my own because it will pale in comparison.)
I miss those mechanized pencil cases--They were so high tech (back in the day.)
Also, I'm glad you have a bucket list. I think everyone should have one...I dont have one, but that's mostly just because I want to do everything.

Liz W. said...

Yay! I'm so glad you did the list. I like learning little quirky things about my friends.

Liz, as you know, I'm going through an Asian phase, so I know for a fact that Hello Kitty for an adult is fully exceptable in many places around the world. Granted, not really here, but still.

If it makes you happy, go for it!

(Oh, and I fully agree that the list is like a stream of consciousness thing. Each of mine completely flows into the next, if you can pick up the signal words. It was quite fascinating...)

Me: said...

Is that my problem with ear buds?
Lots of fun. Hooray for 100 - I've got to get cracking!!