Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cue: Cherubic "Ahhhh"s

Dear Lemon Creek 1Hr Cleaners,

If there was a Pulitzer, Oscar, or Key to the City specifically for dry cleaners you should win them all.

I've been avoiding you for a while. I'll admit it. I was ashamed.

I know that audacious down comforter of mine is a pain in the butt. It's so bloody thick and from-Norwayish that you have to outsource it because there isn't a washer big enough in this dimension to properly clean it. I'll have you know that I didn't buy such an obnoxious 9" thick thing. I inherited it from my great aunt and uncle. They were moving to the ranch and wanted to get rid of most of their Landcaster house's stuff. I reaped some awesome disturbing old people medical equipment too. It was an adventure, I'm telling you.

See - you know when you forget about something and then when you finally remember it it's been so long it that it would just be plain embarrassing if you brought it up*. And! ....and. And you didn't have a room, bed, or house that was big enough to balance out such a regal thing (like the afore mentioned aunt and uncle did). So you thought that you would just... let it slide... and you end up dearly hoping that the powers that be donated the thing to someone who truly needed a 9" thick down comforter**. So not only did you find a way to get it cleaned and for a very reasonable price but you let me avoid picking it up for a year and a half. You didn't donate it to charity, you didn't eBay it, you didn't even harrassingly call me to come get it. You were simply the picture of patience.

So yesterday when I went to drop off some real clothes that didn't need outsourcing*** there it was. Just sitting there. Taking up half your top-shelf space. Under a 1/4 inch of dust. Looking eager to be used again and very happy to see me. Without a single censuring look you just dusted it off for me, pulled off the faded pick-up ticket from 11/06 and didn't charge me a cent extra. Just because you're that nice.

May the Patron Saint of Dry Cleaners and Patient People rain blessings of many customers and non-crumbly buttons on you forever and ever.

bewilderingly amazed and gratefully yours,

*or picked it up
** like an Eskimo
*** and I PROMISE to pick them up today


Me: said...

Seriously? I'm in amazement with you - certainly not that you forgot to pick it up, (totally sounds like something I'd do, who knows maybe I have) but that they were saints about it! Wish they were in my town - I'd hand them all my business and sing their praises to everyone I know.

Wonder if they were secretly laughing at the timing though - handing it back to you in time for summer! haha

Hannah said...

I love this story SO MUCH. Also, I'm trying to imagine sleeping under a nine inch comforter. Thats a lot of blanket.

Ms. Liz said...

Cece: Aren't they??!! I'm still so flabbergasted. I haven't taken it out of the plastic yet even. I think I'm just going to storage unit it until I get my bed...

Hannah: It is - I usually sleep ON it during the summer and under it those 3 nights during the winter that get below 40. I should name it huh? Like Care-a-lot - because it basically is a cloud formation.