Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Well Jennette has started this particular round of randomness and she is one in a million

Seven random things about me huh? Well - do you read my blog?
Of course you do - or else you wouldn't even have read the question -
I'm FULL of random/weird facts so I'll do my best to conjure some more

7) I have a secret dream of seeing someone try to sing a Korn song during karaoke. Like what would the prompt text be? "Gutteral barking - 4 measures"?

6) I've never been to Sea World

5) If I don't read at least one book a month I get crabby. Like needing-a-cigarette kind of grumpy

4) I wish Emma Thompson was my best friend (along with my real best friend. We'd be the happiest and giggliest trio of women on Earth I think).

3) When I found out that there was a Famous Dave's BBQ opening up in Rancho I called them to ask if they were going to have the on-tap saspurilla that I had at the Dave's in Kansas City. When they said that they didn't and probably weren't I asked to speak with the manager and/or owner. When I got him on the phone I proceeded to give him a 20 minute pitch as to why he needs to call up the Kansas City location, get the name of their distributer, and put it into his business plan and after a few chuckles he agreed to look into it and asked me if I wanted a job. I said no, just saspurilla. I made an appointment in three weeks to follow up with him and you best be sure that I will.

2) Out of all of the cast of Firefly I think that I wish I was Zoe I'm probably more a Kaylee and no matter what I'm doing, if I think about Jayne I always laugh.

1) As of late I've got such a yearning to travel and get off the continental United States that it oft times dives me to distraction and to parousing the Peace Corps website.

I think these games are fun and everyone should participate so I am electing to open up my 7 tagging options to whomever needs a blogging idea. Consider yourself tagged *tag!*

I will follow up with you in 3 weeks and don't think I won't

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Jennette said...

Yay Liz!! You're such a good sport. I'm sure we'll continue to discover unique and random qualities about ourselves, it's one of the things that makes life interesting. Loved Claremont on Friday by the way, y la comida de Viva Madrid fue muy rica!!