Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Faces

So for FHE on Monday we all trekked out to Pasadena to see this screening of this awesome movie called Forever Strong. Its a "Remember the Titans" type feel good sports movie about the Highland Rugby team from Salt Lake City and this delinquent kid that gets changed by the coach and philosophies of the team.

It made me want to marry a rugby player and raise rugby players. The world is too small for men who aren't Men and to quote the movie "girls play soccer, wussies play football, men play Rugby". The star of this lovely film was a gentleman that I took great pleasure in watching. Its kind of rare that I'm actually attracted to an actor. Its usually more of an "Oh. Look at that random beautiful person. Good for them" kind of gig.

This guy was gorgy and taps the groupie in me. His name is Sean Feras. He's 26, a former model and just such a pleasure to look at.

I'm not a fan of the short hair but his smile could knock me out at 20 paces.

I'm typically not one for dark eyes either but there is something about this guy that I love.

And hes a notable actor. Forever Strong was really moving. I cried like 4 times.

That's him in all his moodiness as a punk kid getting sculpted by a rugby team and an amazing coach. My friend who lives in Utah says thy call him The Mission President because he turns out so many missionaries from his team. I highly recommend the movie. I plan to buy it as soon as it's available on DVD.

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Shelly! said...

Wow - I haven't heard of this yet. Eric would love it since he went to Highland and several of his friends played rugby.

I'd like it for the reasons you've listed - or at least pictured - above.