Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make it Simple to Last Your Whole Life Long

My recent musical cross section:

* I read this music blog called Obscuresound.com and it what you'd expect from an indie music blog, lots of newsie caps, soft spoken singer/songwriters, and political and personal angst.

So imagine the refreshing awesome when I clicked on their latest sampling and found THIS!! Amazing. Just amazing. Threw me back and I liked it.

*My friend Kathleen pointed The Dears out to me and I could barely believe my eyes/ears

*It was a Smiths reprise if I'd ever seen it. So THAT led me to being all nostalgic for The Smiths and realizing that I lost most of that music when my laptop got stolen so the amazing Brett came to my rescue and sweetness continues to only be joking

*Bon Iver has had a regular spot

*Along side Imogen. How can you not love how original she is? Enough to overlook her man hands, that's how much.

*Just to be totally weird and, well, Liz, Lady Gaga and some of Britney's stuff is highly addictive but rather formulaic. I giggled through this whole illustration of it. Its literally Britney's Circus laid over the music track from Gaga's Poker Face.

*Ne-Yo is quickly gaining a permanent spot in my musical heart. He's blindingly talented, does all his own writing and production, knows how to wear a suit, his latest album is called "The Year of the Gentleman" and he makes hypnotic positive stuff like this.

I've been a fan since his first album in 06 but he just gets better and better. Totally amazing.

31 Days till Coachella! Woot!

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Nicole said...

Great post. I've got some new stuff to catch up on. And I'm totally in love with your new layout. And I'm totally jealous of Coachella.