Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday Giggles

So I've been trying to think of a weekly feature I could implement on my blog that was me but not obtuse and just the other day I had an epiphany-

I love to laugh.

I am a living, breathing Mary Poppins song.

I love a good joke.

I even love bad jokes. I collect them even.

And I especially love stand up comedy. It has a permanent table reservation in the restaurant of my heart. I spent entire summers parked in front of Comedy Central and at the Ice House during my high school years. I've found that its getting harder and harder to find truly funny stuff and not just shock jokes or a string of racial slurs and expletives so when I do find someone or something truly hilarious I love it like a loving thing.

So lets get it started shall we?

This guy has been on my favorites list for a good long time. I have a feeling that if we knew each other we'd be fast friends.
Ladies and Gentleman - I give you Brian Regan


Marianne said...

Oooh thank you for that. Seriously made my day!

It's just me... said...

Aw...this post just made me smile!

However, what Mary Poppins song would you be? I mean, there are so many fantastic options!

Ms. Liz said...

well I had "I Love to Laugh" in mind when I wrote that. You know - "long and loud and clear!... And the more laugh... Its getting worse every year". But now that I think about it, I think that of the Mary Poppins Soundtrack I think I'd be either "Sister Sufferagette" or "Chim Chim Cher-ee". What about you? I'm all curosity now... :D

It's just me... said...

That is so funny Liz! My first thought was 'I Love to Laugh' but "Sister Sufferagette" does have some fitting points!

For me, in life it's 'Let's go Fly A Kite', as a parent it's 'Step in Time' and as a wife...oh you have no doubt that I too "feel deep satisfaction", like in 1910, with "The Life I Lead".

Man I haven't watched that movie in YEARS! Time to break it out...

Ms. Liz said...

We should make a day or night of it! I'll bring bread crumbs and a few spoons full of sugar and after we help the kids with the choreography we can go find a bunch of pigeons and let the boys feed em.

Jennie said...

Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing between where Brian Regan begins and CRD ends. I'm glad to see it runs in the family. Thanks for the laugh. That was a great way to start my day. :)