Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I wonder if hes tall...

So Mary S over there on the right pointed me at one of my new favorite blogs.
Now which is also on the right.

He's adorable.
He's brilliant.
He's balanced and endearingly self aware.
He knows who Elizabeth Bennet is.
He's pretty much worth is weight in gold and snobby beer.

Meet Justin


Quixotic Healer said...

I finally finished. It would read like a completely unique novel if he got it published.

If he really has as many stories as he claims, then maybe a series is more like it.

Although, at one point today, I imagined it as a hilarious sit-com (with a bit of a How I Met Your Mother style).

Becca said...

Seriously red matching luggage?? I am still madly passionately head over heels sell my first born in love with the luggage from the movie with grace and will and grace (which this very instant suddenly has a whole new meaning to me) where she hires a professional hooker to go to her sisters wedding and end up falling in love with him. It was baby blue and there were like 14 pieces and I seriously felt love for the first time. my toes curled my hair got all wavy and soft and I saw the way of god. rap movie but great luggage

Becca said...

oh yeah and that justin guy is adorable and a very good writer

Ms. Liz said...

My luggage is actually silver but that was the closest pic I could find to it. I really love it. :D