Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Splatdown

The sharp piece of slightly broken plastic on the computer is digging in to my wrist.

I think that I need to trim my nails again. They're getting too long to type with but I want them nice for the wedding. I really hope that things aren't going to implode and then explode in our faces. I really should let April be with all that stuff anyway. I'm sure she has enough things to do and people to please aside of me. Those necklaces were really would have been in Betty Rubble's reject pile. My feet always hurt the day after wearing my black boots. I don't know how I'm going to manage two hours during pictures. Maybe they'll be too cold to tell. I can't imagine being grateful to cold for anything but there you have it. The cold does tighten up the pores nicely though so I suppose I could be grateful for that. If it's too cold though... red noses are every girl's sworn enemy. I've never seen a girl look becoming with one ever.

"You will care very much when your nose swells up"

Noses are entirely one of the funniest body parts. They're just ridiculous in isolation. They're like the bound morphemes of the feature universe. I wonder if Georgie really had one that spread out when she smiled too much. I've been pretty blessed in the nose department. Mom says that Jewish girls get a nose job for their high school gradation present. I thinkthat's a little silly. They have the best nicknames too. Buttons, schnozes, beaks, sniffers. They just move and make noise and have random hairs and are a reluctant indicator of your emotional state. Understanding through leakage.

I wonder why Heavenly Father decided to have tears be an indicator of happiness and sadness. Or of an emotional state and all. I know all the biology - they're one of the fastest ways to expel toxins from stress response hormones and all that but its just strange. This part of your face just randomly leaks and it is the physical expression of the fact that you just can't keep in it all in anymore. I mean - what if our tongues swelled up instead? We'd all give the British a run for their money in the uptight sector I suppose cause that would just be unpleasant.
note to self: Never be without tissue
Contents of purse:
(Or things I don't want to be without either)
pocket knife (that is a pill box, mirror, flashlight, pen, toothpick, sewing kit, perfume holder, with scissors and a nail file too)
make up
sewing kit
clorox wipes
baby wipes
manicure kit
pain killers
band aids
tea bags
cliff bars
tide pen

I really love that new Donna Karan perfume. I better put that on the Christmas List of hopefulness.

Why am I afraid that I'll walk into a men's public restroom so I usually check the ladies room sign two or three times before I go in? New levels of embarrassment there. Of all the things to worry about though...

I wore pearls to church today. I'm one vacuum, husband and corset away from being a 50's housewife. I kind of like those petticoats but the Cold War would have worn on me after awhile. The chauvinism would have worn thin after a while too. But half of me really misses men being men and taking charge. Why is it such a social tight rope for men to be men without being abusive or chauvinists? In the social sense of things. Maybe that new TV show is just all hyperbole. But I sure know it wasn'tTBirds and Pink Ladies either. Oh well - Key Clubs didn't evolve on their own and for no reason. Its the Handmaid's Tale all over. But before it began cause its in the future - Same principles. Same social pendulous effects of stuff, people ,and the greater good

Wouldn't it be funny if there was a back room shot calling CEO named Greater with a spoiled bulldog named Good?

"Didcha ever fly through the air shooting two guns at the same time??!"

I hope the strike ends soon. I don't watch TV regularly but I just don't like writers and the outside world not getting along. It rocks my sense or security about things. As long as people are writing things areOK. We are still somewhat finding our better selves. At least in my Roseville.

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Becca said...

What Belly has in her purse:
Personal phone (52 trillion voicemails and 1 text message never answered)
Work Phone (no VM always answered with a chipper and considerate "thank you for calling courtesy pool services how can i help you")
Keys with that cool little pen thing my kids stole from the neighbor
checkbook (because i lost my wallet again)
Absolutely adorable pink Candies case for my glasses
Scratched up sunglasses
Hot wheels Metro rail car
one half used and one empty office depot gift card
costco card
Pen i LOVE
Pen i hate
grape flavored chapstick
lid to nyquil bottle
clicker (training tool for two giant dogs)
target receipt.
I think i am prepared for anything too.