Sunday, November 18, 2007

Real Love

So just when I think that my family can't get any more amazing my brother goes and proves me bitterly wrong. He decided that I needed his 73GB MacBook far more than he did and proceeded to simply hand it over because my computer got stolen in the break in.

So now I'm officially coming at you from the alabaster world of Mac but I promise not to become "a Mac Person". If it has a keyboard, speakers and a word processing program I am a happy girl. A blessed, amazed, grateful and admittedly slightly spoiled girl.


It's just me... said...

Oh...I give you only about ten days before you have converted to the Mac side. Never thought I would...but now I can't get enough and would be happy to live in Mactopia.

What a sweet bro! Obviously you two have developed a relationship that would promote behavior like that. Not all siblings are so lucky - you should both be grateful and proud.

Ms. Liz said...

I am grateful and proud. Hes an awesome BFF. I'm pretty sure leaving for the MTC in 4 weeks helped with the decision a little bit too. Me and the Mac are getting to know each other and its been pretty smooth. It's a fantastic machine. Once I get Office on there I'll be a pretty happy girl.
I didn't know you were a Mac user! How fun. Yay for brainy hip girls. :D

Becca said...

welcome to the light liz. wmbrace the mac way of life and the mac will embrace you with good programs and easier applications.