Thursday, December 4, 2008

Top 10 Tuesday

Yes - I know its Thursday. I just had the idea yesterday but I don't want to miss a week. I love top 10's and they seem appropriate at years end to recap things and changes and stuff.

Also, recently Facebook has put me in touch with a number good old friends from high school. Some I didn't recognize AT ALL they're so different. But they were good friends to me then and those warm fuzzies have shoved me tripping and stumbling down high school memory lane. I don't know why. Yesterday I went on the school's website just to poke around and half my teachers are still there. One of my choir buddies is teaching Chemistry now... Its awesome but its a bit strange too. Like I've been gravitationally pulled into a Pasadena High School memory vortex this week.

So I thought to kick things off -

10 Things that Always Remind me of High School

10. any song by They Might Be Giants
9. The term “taco snack”
8. Flannel shirts, Doc Martins, and red Chucks
7. The smell of backstage
6. White out pens
5. Lunch box purses, the ones with the KROQ stickers on them. ( Yeah – I was that girl.)
4. the song “Who Let the Dogs out”
3. Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail
2. Hot Dogs and Nachos at the Rose Bowl
1. Tiny hair braids, mood rings and thrift stores


Tracy said...

mariah carey
slouch socks
lisa loeb
road trips
vans shoes
newsies (the movie)
crimping irons
chanting monks

Hannah said...

Backstreet Boys
green mini vans
driving through yellow lights
b.c. cafe
butterfly clips
ditto newsies
messenger bags
paydays, doritos and a dr pepper, which comprised my lunch for a year and a half. HEALTHY!