Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Giggles

There is a faint possibility that this will offend some of you.

However, for me, having gone through the emotional meat grinder that was Prop 8 firsthand;
- Having walked neighborhoods every weekend from August to November polling the issue
- Having walked in Yes on 8 rallies
- Having made more calls than I think I can remember
- Understanding that both sides are speaking two different languages, one is Civil Rights, the other Morality so there is little possibility that one can effectively communicate with the other and knowing this fact breaks my heart a bit
- Having made my Prop 8 stance as crystal clear as I can make it
- Being horrified and damaged by the abject and brutal discrimination and harassment that has been going on from the "Tolerant Community" towards my faith since the election
- and I am still actively supporting the voter's decision passing Prop 8

That being said - I find this hysterical.

Ladies and Gentleman - I give you Prop 8 - THE MUSICAL!

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