Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Weird Things I Do

10) When I'm using a pen with a cap I have to line up the prong of the cap with the writing on the pen. If they're out of line It bugs me. Or if its a highlighter I line it up with the tip of the highlighter.
9) If I'm driving and listening to the radio and it's the 3rd of 4th time I've heard a song and I'm bored with it I make up different parts to it and do my own harmonies.
8) I get more excited about a movie if a favorite writer I love is working on it than one of my favorite actors
7) I have a Mary Poppins purse. The typical items I carry are; a pocket knife, lotion, gum, dental floss, band aids, neosporin, tea, pain killers, a toothbrush, toothpaste, dayquil, Clorox wipes, baby wipes, alcohol swabs, aloe, hand sanitizer, sewing kit, a handkerchief, Kleenex, a camera, an iPod, and all that on top of a wallet, planner, phone and make up.
6) In my iTunes whenever I get a new song or upload something I have to find the artwork to go with it and if I can't I put something else up, like a random picture. I just needs something visual.
5) I like doing laundry but I hate putting it away. It drives me nuts.
4) The noise that those cards of gum makes drives me crazy too. I buy gum in the little buckets to avoid the foil and plastic cards.
3) I don't like driving the same route home that I took to get somewhere. I'll purposefully take another route.
2) I typically practice the remnants of my ballet training when I'm waiting for the microwave
1) If my feet are cold its impossible for me to relax, be in a good mood or sleep.

Top 10 Things I LOVE about Christmas Time

10) the Christmas around the world stuff; Christmas crackers, luminarias etc
9) The Music; bell choirs, boy choirs, classical choirs. people randomly bursting into song and it being acceptable, The Hanukkah song back on the radio
8) The Special Treats; shortbread, eggnog, candy cane Joe-Joe's, peppermint hot chocolate...
7) the smell of pine, candle wax and wrapping paper. All mixed up
6) Disneyland
5) people thinking about each other and things that are bigger than them for more than a moment that comes out in random "Merry Christmas"s on the street
4) Christmas lights walks clutching hot coco
3) A Charlie Brown Christmas on a near constant loop
2) How hopeful everything feels
1) Having a whole season, not just a day, to celebrate Christ and how much I love the people in my life and reach out for new ones to bring in

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