Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Signs you are Incontrovertible Whitesauce

10) You drive a Mini or want one really bad
9) You like Indie music
8) You believe blessed is he who carts the reusable bag (and have before it was sheik)
7) Tea isn't a drink, its a way of life
6) You think overalls are more of a personality assessment than a fashion statement
5) If the concept of awkward isn't awkward
4) Will Ferrell is your hero or dreamboat
3) You think cheese is more than a food, less than a god
2) You cried when Ikea came to your town or because it hasn't yet

and the # one incontrovertible sign you are of the Anglo persuasion and there is NO going back....

if one of your euphoria inducers is A-Ha sing-a-longs

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