Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Giggles and Snorts

There are a great many hilarious things in this world. It's one of the aspects of life that makes it less Inquisitorial (the Spanish kind of course). Because of the Internet we have access to many of them. Some of them highly stupid but others are in slightly more tangible form and have much more to offer

One of these things is Louise Rennisons' book series -The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson - I'm a fan. A HUGE fan. I want to make her my best best besty mate (Louise, not Georgie. Though Georgie wouldn't be a bore by any means. Louise sort of has that "real person" appeal though.) Where was I? Oh -yes we'll be besties and do nothing but people watch from fabby London coffee houses and try on shoes all day. Rachel actually turned me on to these books and I owe her my first born and rooms full spun gold for it (love you Rachel! More than a lot.).

Last night in particular I was reading the 8th installment of Georgie's adventures and about every other page had to put the book down to guffaw and wipe away the tears of mirth.
As an example the chapter headings go something like this "Blah-blah rubbish rubbish dribble dribble dribble arse".
One of the most charming features of her books is the glossaries. She provides them for those of us who haven't grown up on Britcoms or BBC America and who might get lost in the knickers, daft, naff, spotted, lippy of it all.
These were some of my favs
(They just need bloggy immortailization)

Milky pops - A soothing hot milk drink, when you are a little person. (No, not an elf, I mean a child.) Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, when you are a child, people give words endings to make them more cozy. Chocolate is therefore choccy woccy doo dah. Blanket is blankin'. Tooth is tushy peg. Easy is easy peasy lemon squeasey. If grown ups ever talk like this, do not hesitate to kill them.

Emily Plankton - Hang on, now that you mention it, I may be getting muddled up between the famous suffragette Emily Whatsit and the stuff that fish eat. Was it Emily Pancake then? No, wait a minute, Pankhurst - Emily Pankhurst. What is this anyway, some kind of general knowledge quiz?

The Sound of Music - Oh are we never to be free? The Sound of Music was a film about some bint, Julie Andrews, skipping around in the Alps singing about goats. Many many famous and annoying songs come from this film, including "The Hills Are Alive with the Sounds of PANTS," "You Are Sixteen Going on PANTS," and, of course, the one about the national flower of Austria, "IdlePANTS."

Prat - A prat is a gormless oik. You make a prat of yourself by mistakenly putting both legs down one knicker leg or by playing air guitar at pop concerts.

I just laugh and laugh. And then laugh like a laughing loon on laughing pills.
Manna for the soul ladies - manna for the soul.


Rachel said...

Oh I love her. Love, love, love with knobs. She's as fabby and two fabby things.

Liz W. said...

Hmm...never read any of them. But I'm very intrigued!

Mz. Liz said...

Oh my goodness Liz - you may borrow any and all of my copies if you wish. Funny as funny gets. Especially if you were an eccentric kind of teenager. Its almost like reading your own story.

Quixotic Healer said...

Hmm....Sounds like I need to get those, along with Calvino ....shoot! I meant to ask to borrow. I well I have many others to read. Hey, is there a way to save your blog to my profile? Like a favorites list or something?

Heather said...

I Love her too! I've read a few, and need to finish reading them! And I agree--the dictionary at the back is one of my fav. things!