Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lesson #43,256

Do not try to do your hair with a 450 degree flat iron when you've woken up late and you're rushing to get to choir practice so you end up doing your hair half asleep and distracted because you will eventually miss a clump and hit your hand instead.
And yes I know my nail is chipped too. It was the required sacrifice my luggage demanded in Tennessee. It makes me sad too - Its like all tragedy decided to focus itself onto my left thumb region. I'm glad I still have a thumb though. Because if not, well. That would be more than a little difficult I think. Aloe couldn't fix that.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Just why is it that tradgedy decides to gang up all on the same finger, or hand? As though that digit didn't already have enough to deal with?
Sad but true.