Friday, August 17, 2007

Hall o Fame

So Nick and I have some interesting conversations at the gym. There is only so much entertainment 45 minutes on an elliptical machine can provide so we do our best to pass the time by trying to crack each other up or expound on something... normal sibling conversation. Well this particular day we were exploring different modern myths and tearing apart the soon to be released Beowulf (and how they are crucifying the story - but I digress....)

So naturally we were on the subject of Star Wars - and Nick was crediting Lucas for re-instituting the Reluctant Hero in the public psyche with Han Solo etc.

But whenever Han Solo comes up I rarely think of his modern myth contributions. I can only think of the crush I've had on him and on Harrison Ford since I could pronounce "Star Wars".

And this led me down memory lane to all of the recreational crushes I've had on my multi media influences.

So without further ado I give you My Hall of Fame (in somewhat chronological order)

Johann from the Smurfs. Was there a more courageous hero on Saturday mornings? (Remember - Thundercats was weekdays at like 5 am and Transformers honed in on the latch-key crowd in the after school slots of 3 and 4. This was all before "The Disney Afternoon" of course). I don't remember much of what he did - but I remember that it was amazing, he was good with a sword and I thought his name was so cool that I've secretly wanted to name one of my kids after the like. I won't! I won't. Mostly because I refuse to tell my child he was named after a cartoon but Johann was killer cool to my impressionable young mind.

Rex Smith from HBO's production of The Pirates of Penzance captured my young pre-pubescent heart very easily. He could wear shiny shirts, have a Jew-fro, wear thigh high boots, sing and still be the picture of masculine charm. Kevin Klein was also very early endeared to me in this production but hes not the boy I wanted to go to the after school dance with.

Obviously Han Solo is up there and still on my short list. But there is more than one reason every girl in the world wanted to be Leia. Not just for the killer wardrobe and fun toys or the chance to call things "walking carpets" but because this is what came home every night. Rock on Leia- Rock on.

One of the best rolls Val Kilmer has ever taken (aside of Iceman). Mad Mardigan was one of the best parts of Willow and any man who falls hopelessly for a red head has just got to be awesome. Now given, at this point in life I was still falling for characters perse, not the actors themselves (with the exception of Harrison). He loved that cute baby, kicked total butt once he got a sword and looked properly and endearingly goofy in armor.

I actually fell for Brendan after School Ties but I couldn't find any satisfactory pictures. Hes became one of my favorites when I learned that he was 6' 4" and favorite thing was spit wading people in expensive restaurants. Since I've been in the 5' 9" stratosphere since I was 12 this was a big thing to me. And after "Encino Man" I was a lost girl.

From the first time I heard these guys at one of my first all ages show I leaned over to my friend I snuck in with and said "who is the guy on the drums?" - ever since then David Grohl has been on the short list as well. Hes just gotten cuter and more funny and talented with Foo and being married and just generally being one of the awesomest guys on the planet!

Ioan is just an unabashed favorite. He was Horatio Hornblower and I don't think I've seen anyone look better in a period British naval uniform (except maybe Ciarin Hinds in Persuasion). He was the first one I openly called my husband and I still do. He's Welch and has that perfect goofy/intelligent/bada** blend that I think is the perfect stew for Hollywood crushes.

I'm not sure there are enough good things to be said about Gerard Butler (or Gerry). Yay for Scotsman! Where would be be without them? I've gone off a few times before but anyone who can pay his way through law school by fronting a rock band and only not take the bar because he was plucked out of a coffee house by Hollywood gets epic clout in my book. And then making your name by posing as the Phantom of the Opera and a Spartan King... one word - smokin'

The most recent addition to the Hall o Fame is Karl Urban. He was someone that always popped up in my Mom and Dad's Hercules and Xena viewing days but he looked pretty freaking awesome in is Eomer armor in Lord of the Rings. Hes been on the to watch list since. Why do they make them so wonderful in Kiwi-a-go-go? Not to mention that he is lovingly devoted to his two kids and wife. Definitely Hall of Fame worthy.

So there they are -

There is my chronological list of fancy and fun. Can you tell I'm from a movie family? Its kind of silly now that I've laid it all out. But I will forever have this blog to go back and enjoy and that just brings me unabashed joy.


Liz W. said...

I agree with your selections. And would say I've had a mini crush on just about all of them (especially the last three, hubba hubba).

cuteculturechick said...

I read your post after totally agreeing about Rex Smith. I started singing to myself "Oh, is there not one maiden here, whose homely face and bad complexion..." After about 20 minutes, I think I've sung myself to the end of the first act. I'm going to have Pirates stuck in my head all day now...and it's all your fault!!! But heart throb. I've been in the cast of Pirates three times and make it a point to watch the HBO flick with every production.