Friday, August 10, 2007


So yesterday was my birthday and I spent a good part of it with my mother and she kept quoting the adorable Gus-Gus' iconic "da-da-da-da.. uhh happy birthday!" when not quite knowing what to say for Cinderella's surprise dress. Not only did this royally crack me up coming from my ridiculously educated mother's mouth and her dignified turquoise adorned self - but it got me thinking...

Gus-Gus is an awesome character. He was indispensable for Jack-Jack and managed a lovely bit of physical humor and circumstantial irony for the story all in one of the most adorable packages ever. He was the perfect wingman.

Also - for years (since the advent of text messaging) my brothers, cousins and I, to pass the time and in the never-ending attempt to crack each other up, have made a habit of doing Top 5's.
For example:

Top 5 things you shouldn't laugh at but do anyway
highlights being:
-midgets getting injured
-the punchline "not being retarded"
-animals being punted
-Japanese game shows involving costumes from the 90's
- the film Borat

Top 5 things you'd like to steal
highlights being:
- an R2D2 Mountain Dew Dispenser
- Gummy Bear Juice
- the smirk off of Paris Hilton's face
- a vowel
- a prosthetic limb

You get the point -
So naturally I started thinking of my Top 5 cinematic wingmen and this is what I came up with.

5) Gus-Gus obviously for the above stated reasons. I don't think anyone can wear pointy shoes better. Except David Bowie. Maybe.

4) C3PO - the dude could speak 3000 languages and still was second fiddle to R2D2 who was 2' shorter, spoke in blips and squeaks but did have a much better color scheme. He was always there - even in bits and pieces he was there

3) Goose - this is totally self explanatory. "Shes lost that feeling? - Man I hate it when she does that!"

2) Alfred - I'm sorry but Alfred did so much H-en more for Batman than Robin could possibly manage. He's the H-en man.

1) Samwise - the real champion of the Lord of the Rings and an ode to the power of a simple man and a simple life (Honor in the Ordinary Liz... I give you Samwise). AND he was funny because Gollum got to call him chubby and he had that sweet crush on Rosie the whole time. What more can a wingman accomplish I ask you?

And that kind of brought me full circle because Sam and Gus-Gus remind me of each other. Tada.

I think Honorable Mentions should include:
Ron Weasley
Diana Berry (Anne of Green Gables)
Cereal Killer (Hackers)
Brick (Anchorman)
Inigo Montoya ("prepare to die")
The Browines (Willow)
Fred Willard (in whatever movie hes in)
Samuel L. Jackson (in whatever roll hes in)
and Edna Mode (The Incredibles) - she rocked too.

Yay for the wingmen and those that play those rolls in real life too. We're the texture and color as well as the laughs. High 5's all around man. High 5.

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