Friday, September 21, 2007


There are things that I just love even though they're obtuse and/or nauseatingly popular.

One is Will and Grace* and the other is....

Jennifer Lopez's music.

I love the stuff - I think that I just love her. She is Jenny from The Block so don't be fooled by the rocks that shes got. No one has better red carpet accessories (in my opinion) and she's just fun to me. She's ridiculous in every real respect of life but Shes Real, Her Love don't Cost a Thing and frankly, I've never seen someone nail a hip-hop routine in 6" heals better. She should have a gold medal. It was epic. Savion snapped a Z for her - I saw it.

Why is this important you ask? Why is this coming out now? Well -

Today when I was dashing to my ever-so-exciting Grammar class I was trying to shake off work and my loathsome boss. I sang a bit. Didn't work. I got a text from my brother - still didn't work. So my last resort was surfing, the radio that is. And magically, from the halls of bubblegum and TRL -there it was - my exit from my burdened grown up universe-

If you had my love and I gave you all my trust would you comfort me? Tell me baby...

The windows went down and so did the hair
The sun glasses went on and I got to class with a cleared mind and a back beat in my heart.

I was ready for split infinitives and perscriptive awareness of sequencing and sytax. All was well in the world. For 3 minutes at least. If I can't have cheesecake at least I've got Jenny.

Happy Friday

*lovely cheap therapy for a youth full of one too many hi-may, manipulative, and overwhelmingly gay choreographers


mel said...

You crack me up. :)

Me: said...

I LOVE ANTM (America's Next Top Model, for those of you not in the know...) Makes me wish I were 7 years younger and 8 inches taller!