Thursday, September 6, 2007


So I'm a total fashion geek - I've never made a secret of it.
I've read Vogue since I was 12.

I idolize Audrey Hepburn and Coco. I love the stuff!

Being beautiful is a fabulous thing and our natural right as females.

I own it. I love it! Its a good thing I'm not slightly built and wealthy because it would a be a temptation to pay attention to little else. I enjoy anything beautiful and often that comes in a great pair of boots. :D

I've also made no secret that Fall is my FAVORITE fashion season. I just love the colors and lines and hat and scarfs. I adore it all.

AND (can this much wonderful be contained in one blog?!) anyone who has the patience to listen to me diatribe on the subject knows Marc Jacobs is, hands down, my favorite designer. I watched the Fall 2007 women's collection show last night and its made today a lovely distracted day.

These are a few of my favorites that I just have to share. Marc Jacobs has the best and cleanest lines. Hes feminine but the trimmed, non-silly kind of feminine.
See what I mean? But its still fun even though it's so serious. Maybe its the yellow shoes. But he also designs for more than the coat hanger type of body frame. This would be scrumbotious on a very curvy frame. I think so at least.

I really love the long sweater thin belt look (I would choose a pencil skirt with this combo as opposed to shorts though - and those boots probably. Don't want too many right angles). But Marc never tries too hard. He just knows that hes good and lets it go from there. Totally hot I think. And it comes out in the clothes.

I love the Spencer Jacket* line and 3/4 coats and having both of them in one piece - priceless! Can't you just imagine yourself feeling the need to channel Katherine Hepburn in this? I do.

And this just screams Thoroughly Modern Millie tap dance extravaganza to me. I mean, that's what I'd do if I found myself in it. How freaking adorable??!
So yeah - Fall Fashion Rocks. Its like dignified but energized at the same time. Kind of like Autumn in general. I think that's why it's my favorite season all around, not just in the fashion sense.

There are a bunch of others ensembles that I could ogle over but I won't. Few things make me happier and excited than Marc in the Fall.
*they call it a "cropped jacket" but anyone who's anyone and who has seen or read anything Jane Austen knows its a Spencer Jacket. So that's what I call it. Kind of like how in the 50's there were "petal pushers" but when they came back 5 years ago they were "capris". Please - petal push away!


It's just me... said...

You know...I'm a fashion misfit. I know nothing substantive about it, but still find myself rattling off critiques at passersby.

I do love someone who loves fashion though - it always pays off for me when they introduce me to something new! Like you just did...thanks!

Quixotic Healer said...

Ah fashion, my feelings are so mixed. I love clothes, and I love all the pics you posted, but I still tend to feel slightly personally offended that someone (let alone an industry) would dare tell me what to wear.

It's this little niggle that mixes in with sheer delight when I pick up a magazine and start frothing over gorgeous gowns.

Ha, ha, I'm a hypocrite. Please reserve the Red (capitalized) Millie-esque one for me!

Ms. Liz said...

See - thats the thing about fashion that is misunderstood. Fashion exists to serve you, to make you feel beautiful. To provide something new to express yourself. To enhance the selection. Its the mindless twits (in the industry and out) that don't have any identiy aside of their clothes that put that "have to" stigma on it. *sigh* It makes me sad.

It's a bit of a paradighm shift - kind of like when you go to buy a car you tell the salesman "listen, you need to sell me this car a whole lot more than I need to buy it so lets keep that in mind through this process - all right?" Thats what I do at least.