Sunday, September 16, 2007

Limb, out on

So I just got off the phone with my magnificent artist/musician friend Anastasia. She writes amazing and moving music and I told her I sometimes have put pen to paper and she asked me to share some of my stuff so I did. Then she called me a few days later irate that I hadn't shared this before because "the world need to see the beauty of you poetry" (she's from Ukraine). So at her encouragement this is the poem she was talking about.
Enjoy -


Sterilized plastic rooms surround
homogenized bodies and glass eyes follow
Painted they are
Regurgitations of rehearsed conversation
Mingle nibbling crackers and looming wax fruit
Climate controlled metric space
Lined black with chairs and newspapers
waiting for the next cliche to personify itself

Mouths move, necks speak
afraid of light and silence –
they sit close in their grey

Confused and cold
Look inside an inside’s interior
In a flushed flurry with hope and tears
There I find my fire lit room
Full of spices, flowers and laughter
Love is real, spoken, caressed and passed on
Hands serve, heal and welcome.

Life, not drama
Art, not exhibition
Thought, not reaction
Friends, not associates
Music, not noise
Conversation, not information exchange
Love, not obligation

To dream the dance
To dance the dream


Tracy said...

That's lovely Liz!!! I felt sort of lost and out of place in the first and then you described the fire lit room and I can almost smell and feel it. What a beautiful picture you write! Reminds me the value of what I have!

Liz said...

I know it's a scary thing to put your own poetry out in the world, but I'm glad you were brave enough!

You know, we should form a group to get together and read our own poetry. Like a poetry circle.

Personally, I would appreciate a forum where I trust and value the opinions of the members, and can see if my poetry is forming the image I'm going for.

Ms. Liz said...

Cece: YAY! That means that the poem did what it should. It made you feel something. Hooray hooray!

Liz: I think that is an amazingly fabulous idea. It's a bit of a condundurm because you need feedback but you don't want to give it to just anyone. Call me - we'll do it. :D

Quixotic Healer said...

Thanks for posting this Liz. It's nice to see both the despair and hope I sometimes feel :)