Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting Kneecapped

So two weeks ago my brother calls me and tells me that he and his girlfriend have gotten a confirmation about marriage and that they set a date for February 28th.

*and there was much rejoicing in the land*

How excited was I?
Answer: Ecstatic!

She's a sweet girl and my brother is a king among men. They deserve every bit of happiness and all the blessings of marriage. May the confetti abound.

We started picking out centerpieces and planning the wedding cakes and debating colors etc. - all that fun stuff associated with a wedding. It was fun. Also, I have been wrapping my my mind around the concept of finally getting to have some kind of a sister in the family. That has me pretty excited. I'm not going to lie.

But I just got off the phone with the boy...

They've decided to move it up three months.

To November 29th.

Just because.

That's right -

One week before Finals.
Two weeks before my Grad School application deadlines.
One week after I get back from the East Coast.
Eight weeks from today.

I will be in a red skirt in the Bountiful temple watching my brother become a man.
Just breathe right?
Just breathe.


Liz said...

Been there, done that. Oh, brothers! Let me know if I can help with anything...

Becca said...

Cool! I am super happy for him. Try not to eat her alive with your enormous brain.

Lex said...

What? you are coming to the east coast and didn't tell?