Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I've Had an Apostraphe

(Yes - Yes - Two posts in the same day but this is important. )

I've amended my life plan!

Among marriage, finishing school, having a lovely and well adjusted family, writing a book or two and skydiving I think that I need to buy this house in Nova Scotia. Yes... I was looking at real estate in Nova Scotia today. Doesn't everyone?

Then I can wander my green and lovely acres with my family and a few deliriously happy dogs singing songs from The Sound of Music and shell peas on the porch.


Heather said...

I support you buying it, as long as I can come visit sometime! $289,201 USD is actually pretty dang good! ...and it really would be a cute B&B--I'd be willing to work there!

Liz said...

Love this house!

What an awesome dream to have!(And I don't mean awesome like "that's totally awesome" but awesome in the original 16th cent. sense of "filled with awe.")

Everyone should have dreams of wonder!

Rachel said...

I use to think that owning a B&B would be fun until I realized that you have to wash other people's bed sheets and wake up before dawn to make muffins for your guests. No thanks!

That place is gorgeous and I fully support you in the purchase of it. It is my dream to own a home with a wrap-around porch and a view and if my Wealthy Benefactor ever shows up I'll have one.

Ms. Liz said...

I don't plan on the B&B route at all. I think my munchkins will take up any and all extra space. I just fell in love with it. And 5 acres is enough room to breathe but not impossible to mow - ya know? I just love it.

Tracy said...

And when you're a prominent author, since it's just a matter of when, you can sit in a gable room and write your next best seller while glancing down at your brood playing on the beach and your hubby will bring you a fresh glass of lemonade. It's perfect. But I'll still need a guestroom. Maybe you should think bigger...? It's LOVELY though!

Ms. Liz said...

Cece: I'm counting on you and Stan to come up and help me gut the black and white marble look for some warm italian Earth tone motifs. We can throw on another wing while we're at it I imagine. The guest suite. :D

Kim said...

What's really sad is that that house is less than a non-mansion in Rancho Cucamonga. Nova Scotia, here we come!