Monday, September 17, 2007

Bibbity Bobbity Mommy

So this isn't the best picture in the world of my mother but I simply had to take it. I have said for a long time that I think my mother is a faerie or a witch from the Wizarding world posing as muggle for our enrichment. Principally because she warms up every room shes in, leaves every person shes ever met a better person, still has the ability to capture the attention of every man in a 5 mile radius, and knows just about everything to do with anything in the world. Ever. But I also been suspicious because sometimes she has these "I'm not really from here" fashion moments and tonight was one of them.

Its a bit hard to gather from the picture but between our Triple World Plays and "aloof"s I looked up and noticed that my mother had settled down in her queen chair wearing a white cotton under skirt and white knit top with a purple dress with random tye-dyesque flowers here and there that she had only buttoned 3 buttons of, but to polish the outfit she had found half of her Professor Sprout costume that I somehow remember as an old Christmas pageant Shepard's robe that solely consisted of very iridescent stripes of blue, purple and green with a thick gold ribbon border. A sparkly gold ribbon border at that!

And there she was - just considering her "Z's" and "J's". When I finally asked her what was her inspiration for her fashion choice she looked down and realized what she had grabbed out of the closet and we both fell into hysterics for a good 5 minutes. The fact that she had become a real live breathing disco inferno completely hadn't registered. This, for me, compounded the hilarity even more. It was a beautiful moment.

So there she is. My bohemian mom in all her awesome shiny robe glory. I think it was just perfect with her there with all her books, her mane of Celtic priestess hair, eternal smile, and fabulous fashion wonderments. I mean -How fortunate am I?

Answer: very.

And if you think this is something you should taste her cooking...


cuteculturechick said...

What a perfect picture of her...giggling in a comfy chair in a room full of fabulous books. She's wonderful, and the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. :D

Rachel said...

Oh how I love your mother!

Me: said...

I love your Mom. I love that she just clothed herself and didn't pay any attention until you asked. I think that's my favorite part of the story because it's such a fabulous way of summing her up!