Monday, September 10, 2007



Well a small one at least. But one nevertheless!

So in the paperwork conundrum that is the Cal State system there are a number of applications for graduation checks, applications to pay to apply to graduate, applications for permits to stand in line to pay to stand in a different line to be told that you need to go do whatever you need to on line! Arugh! They are all carbon copied, notarized, and need to be turned in on opposite sides of campus. Its enough to make Douglas Adams create an entire space race to satirize and cope and make a girl consider the feasibility of fruit stands in Jamaica.

I have seriously entertained the idea that the system is set up like it is to keep students in it and so the school can keep leeching money from us in the name of higher education.

That all being said - I got my grad check back (90 days after I turned it in mind you...) and according to my scrupulous records and calculations I had exactly two classes to take and then B.A. in hand I would be free to pursue higher learning and more paperwork - but Ms. Thang from the big pointy building on campus came back with a list of FIVE - count them 1 - 2- 3 - 4- 5 classes left remaining to graduate.

Um - I don't think so. There is no way I could have been that off. No way.

So I began my campaign -
For the last three weeks via emails, calls, a few visits and one of my father's Law Office business cards later I finally got into talk to someone, the person who signed my Grad-check as a matter of fact, and I presented her with all of my transcripts, all of my grades, my degree progress form from when I started and all the rest of the glorious black on white luster that people like her crave. I concluded with "so you see, all I need are these classes and then I expect my degree." and to my amazement she ACQUIESCED!!!

She said I was right, apologized for the mistake and that I should go on ahead as planned and to have a marvelous quarter. I was ready for a cat fight, or a battle of power point at least, but after I finished my pitch but she just agreed.

With my mouth agape she agreed.

She even agreed to put the new requirements in writing and thanked me for my time.

Holy Freaking Cow -

Take that Mr. Man! I'm getting my piece of paper and there is nothing you can do to stop me! Buaahahahaha.

I felt like I had just won the Battle of Sterling. I got my victory neapolitan shake from In N Out and strutted back to my car. That's right

I strutted.


Liz said...

Hurray! I love it when things like this happen. It assures me that there is a God in the heavens.

On a side note, In N Out does neopolitan shakes! What? Really? Since when? Why wasn't I informed?


Ms. Liz said...

its part of the secret menu - along with basically whatever you decided you want, they do. Hannah has stories...

Rachel said...

What?! They should build a staute in your honor. I don't know of a single person who has attended Cal Poly who has graduated when they were scheduled to after taking all the classes they were told to. Celebrate!

And Liz W. - I just barely learned about the neopolitan myself. Yum! I sometimes will also do a chocolate strawberry shake. In N Out will do anything for you.

Hannah-I'd like to hear those stories sometimes.

Heather said...

Yay! Congrats!